Plans and Goals by Larry Burkett

Planning is an essential element for any financial program, but it is particularly important for Christians. Too often Christians argue whether they should plan at all. Some say that God does not expect us to plan but, rather, to rely on Him for everything. Others say that we should plan every minute of our lives, […]

Making Financial Decisions by Larry Burkett

Christians can best make financial decisions according to God’s plan for their lives by understanding His directives for their lives. Every decision requires a thorough understanding of God’s attitudes, and that understanding comes from studying God’s Word and communicating with Him. If Christians never ask God’s direction regarding investments of financial decisions, they will never […]

God and Money by Larry Burkett

God says that if we pray for anything in His will, believing, it will be given to us. But God’s will and His ways are not always coincidental with ours. So, when we turn our finances over to God, we also must be willing to accept His direction. Too often we impatiently seek our own […]

God and Money

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